Marketing Research by Wiid, J and Diggines, C

Marketing Research by Wiid, J and Diggines, C

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ISBN: 9781485129240

Publisher: JUTA, 2020

Paperback, 418 pages

Marketing Research, now in its fourth edition, provides a methodical introduction to the basic concepts of marketing research.

Marketing research can be a daunting subject if not taught correctly. The mere mention of inferential statistics or statistical significance causes many students to close their minds and develop a mental block towards the topic. This is largely because most texts spend too little time teaching students the basic concepts before ploughing into the analysis of data and associated statistical formulas.

Marketing Research follows a simple layout that is easy to read with text that is written in understandable, plain English. It will equip undergraduate marketing students with the skills necessary to plan and conduct basic marketing research projects in an efficient and effective manner, in a business world which demands more and more information on which to base decisions.