Jesus Wept by Zakhele Nogaga

Jesus Wept by Zakhele Nogaga

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ISBN: 9780620000000

Reach Publishers, 2021

Soft cover, 122 pages

“Jesus wept.” (John, chapter 11, verse 35.) This is the shortest verse in the Bible, yet it carries such great revelation.
This book is packed with mind-blowing teachings that will show you that God, through every detail and every word in the Bible, is teaching us something. In Jesus Wept you will learn about this wonderful and important truth. Learn within these pages about how Jesus did something remarkable by expressing His emotions to show us just how much it means to Him that we believe in Him but also, above all, that we believe Him. Jesus Wept is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus’ heart, His love for us and His wonderful teachings.

About the Author
Zakhele Sidney Nogaga was born in the simple historic dusty streets of Soweto, in a township called Jabulane. He attended both primary and high school in this township and like many boys his age, loved playing soccer. After he suffered what he describes as the most traumatic loss in his life, he gave up his positive mindset and gave his life over to negative and detrimental things. God’s Grace reached him when he was in a dark place in the most amazing way. He received Grace and an opportunity to give his life to Jesus and has never looked back. He was ordained as a pastor and has been ministering the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ever since. He is a Sinior Pastor of Holy Spirit Led Global Church South Africa. Zakhele Nogaga has also been blessed with a beautiful wife and