Marketing by Lamb, C W et al

Marketing by Lamb, C W et al

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ISBN 9780199079926

5th edition

Publisher: Oxford University Press 2015

591 pages 

Soft cover

Marketing (5th Edition) covers issues like pricing, product labelling and sponsorship and includes a wealth of examples to guide students through current topics such green marketing and marketing communication.

This new edition is written in a more accessible way to assist students to grasp new concepts.


  • Case studies with questions from a real-world context that bring the theory to life.
  • Examples and insights on current issues
  • End-of-chapter questions to test the content covered in each chapter
  • Website links where students can gather more information on a specific topic or example discussed
  • Strategy features to indicate to students how certain company's make certain marketing decisions and what the consequences of those decisions are Broad coverage of topics.