How To Fix (Unf*ck) A Country by Roy Havemann

How To Fix (Unf*ck) A Country by Roy Havemann

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ISBN: 9781776193417

Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers

Paperback, 24 April 2024

After state capture, South Africa is f*cked and not in a good place. The system is down so how do we reboot?
We aren’t the first country to find itself in a difficult spot so we can ask ourselves why have some countries been successful and others not so much? How can South Africa pick itself up to become a thriving state? Roy Havemann answers these questions in this engaging, accessible book and argues that right now we need to focus on six basics: Eskom, Education, the Environment, Exports, Equality and Ethics.

It’s time to stop raking over the coals of who is to blame for our problems and focus on the future, looking at how other countries have overcome challenges similar to ours and how we can practically implement a set of policies that will get South Africa back on track.