Botswana Women Write by Maitseo, M M

Botswana Women Write by Maitseo, M M

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ISBN 9781869144272

Publisher: UKZN Press 2019

560 pages

Soft cover

Botswana Women Write is the first anthology to cover a broad spectrum of writing by and about Batswana women. It provides a record of their lives both now and in the past, and of their thoughts about the joyful and difficult issues they face. At the same time, it reflects the richness and challenges of their particular social, political and cultural context. The fictional worlds created in the anthology echo those documented in the non-fiction selections, and they speak to the lived experiences of women in Botswana and around the world: family tensions, sexual conflict, domestic abuse, poverty and single motherhood are explored alongside descriptions of sexual pleasure, intellectual engagement, expressions of joy and assertions of a political presence.