Handbook of Early Childhood Intervention by (Editor), Samuel J. Meisels

Handbook of Early Childhood Intervention by (Editor), Samuel J. Meisels

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ISBN: 9780521585736

Cambridge University Press, 22 May 2000

Paperback, 758 pages

This second edition of the Handbook of Early Childhood Intervention provides a comprehensive overview of this complex and continually evolving field by an outstanding group of contributing authors. Eighteen of the twenty-eight chapters are new to this edition; chapters from the first edition have been updated. It combines rigorous scholarship with state-of-the-art content on policy and service delivery. It is designed to address a broad, multidisciplinary audience including psychologists, early childhood educators, social workers, pediatricians, nurses, child psychiatrists, physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and professionals interested in public health and social policy. The Handbook is a valuable resource for both graduate students and experienced professionals.

Editorial Reviews

"...should be on every reference shelf and in the personal library of every researcher and practitioner concerned with designing, operating, or evaluating early intervention programs...a handbook to which one will return time after time to extract relevant information needed for a particular task...bears the hallmark of good writing as well as good editing."
--Contemporary Psychology

"This handbook should be in the library of every person working with infants and young children. At a time when we have experienced rapid advances in the science of early childhood, it brings together our basic knowledge of individual development with its applications for programs of child care. Since we are rapidly moving to expand early child care services, policy makers as well as individual professionals, will find this volume useful on a daily basis. The distinguised authors of various chapters bring much experience and wisdom, to their writings."
--Julius B. Richmond, M.D.

"The second edition of the Handbook of Early Childhood Intervention continues the tradition of excellence established by Shonkoff and Meisels in their first edition. Without question, this volume provides the most thoughtful and comprehensive information about the current status and future directions of the field of early childhood intervention available. Everyone in the field should place this volume at the top of their reading list."
--Michael J. Guralnick, Ph.D.

"This comprehensive reference book should be part of the collection of every student and professional concerned with the state of the field of early childhood intervention. Policymakers, researchers, professors, and graduate students from diverse disciplines will find this volume to be a scholarly examination offering both depth and breadth in its presentation of the many dimensions of the field. For those new to the field, this book provides a fine foundation for academic development. Each chapter was chosen by the editors to reflect the diversity and richness of the arena as it exists at the beginning of the 21st century. Each distinguished author has contributed work that combines scholarly research with practical implication and usefulness. The editors put knowledge of the field in perspective and provide a road map for future research and development."
--American Association on Mental Retardation

"Designed as a core textbook for the field [of early childhood intervention], the 734-page second edition of this Handbook aims to serve as a vehicle for communication for educators, researchers, policy developers and practitioners who are willing to engage in "professional pluralism"."
--Zero to Three

"An excellent investment, this textbook is well written and well organized and comes highly recommended."

Book Description
This 2000 book provides a comprehensive overview of this complex field by an outstanding group of contributing authors.