Acute Care Nursing by Gilbert, Julia

Acute Care Nursing by Gilbert, Julia

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ISBN: 9781108413039

Cambridge University Press, 01 January 2018

Paperback, 282 pages

Acute Care Nursing provides an accessible and practical overview of the role of the nurse in acute medical and surgical settings in the Australian and New Zealand context. Linking closely with the Australian 'Registered nurse standards for practice' and the New Zealand Competencies for Registered Nurses, this text equips students with foundational knowledge of the pathophysiology, treatment and legal and ethical issues associated with common acute conditions. Through the person-centred, collaborative care approach, students will also learn effective communication, decision-making and cultural competency skills that are essential for nurses in any practice context. Each chapter is enriched with pedagogical features designed to solidify understanding and promote critical thinking, including case studies, reflections, key terms, review questions, research topics and further readings. Offering students a relevant and contemporary understanding of the acute care context, Acute Care Nursing is an essential companion that can be taken from the classroom into practice.