Design and Performance of Road Pavements by Croney, David

Design and Performance of Road Pavements by Croney, David

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ISBN: 9780070144514

McGraw-Hill Education - Europe | 16 November 1997

Hardback | 528 pages 

Build first-rate road pavements in a fraction of the time! You'll design longer-lasting, more cost-effective road pavements faster and within your budget--every time--when you have this guide at your fingertips. This plain-English problem-solver is the first tool to combine the latest analytical design techniques with the results of more than 60 years of real-world pavement studies. Its foolproof design system is guaranteed to take the sweat out of designing, specifying and building new road pavements--and maintaining current ones. Put this hands-on pavement consultant to work and get the instant know-how to: perform everyday design tasks faster than ever; validate your designs with real-world pavement test results; complete your projects on time and within tight budgets; meet current standards and specs: AASHTO, ASTM, PSA and others; identify flaws in your designs before construction begins; stengthen existing roads for increased safety and longer life; solve tough day-to-day problems--from measuring skid resistance to reducing pavement deformation; and much, much more.