Digital Integrated Circuit Design by Martin, Ken

Digital Integrated Circuit Design by Martin, Ken

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ISBN: 9780195125849

Oxford University Press Inc | 28 October 1999

Hardback | 566 pages 

Working from the fundamentals of transistor-level design and building up to system-level considerations, Digital Integrated Circuit Design shows students with minimal background in electronics how to design state-of-the-art high performance digital integrated circuits. Ideal as an upper-level undergraduate text, it can also be used in first-year graduate courses and as a reference for practicing engineers.

Digital Integrated Circuit Design:

* Presents transistor-level details first, building up to system considerations

* Emphasizes CMOS technology but also includes in-depth explanations of designing in bipolar, BiCMOS, and GaAs technologies

* Features modern, well-designed examples and problems

* Covers important system-level considerations such as timing, pipelining, clock distribution, and system building blocks in detail

* Discusses key elements of semiconductor physics, integrated circuit processing, transistor-level design, logic-level design, system-level design, testing, and more

* Provides physical and intuitive explanations throughout

* Emphasizes conceptual thinking and design methodology over detailed circuit analysis techniques