Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by Elliott, William H.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by Elliott, William H.

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ISBN: 9780198700456

Oxford University Press | 01 January 2001

Paperback | 586 pages

This new edition of Elliott and Elliott's popular introductory textbook for biochemistry and molecular biology contains substantial new material and numerous colorful diagrams. To bring the book completely up-to-date, inessential material has been eliminated to allow full coverage of current areas of interest as well as coverage of essential basic material. Areas of molecular biology such as cell signaling, cancer molecular biology, protein targeting, proteasomes, immune system, and eukaryotic gene control are covered fully with a clear student-friendly style, making the book suitable for the most modern courses.

New or completely re-written chapters include:
2. Enzymes
3. The structure of proteins
4. The cell membrane--a structure depending only on weak forces
13. Strategies for metabolic control and their applications to carbohydrate and fat metabolism
17. Cellular disposal of unwanted molecules
23. Eukaryotic gene transcription and control
24. Protein synthesis, intracellular transport and degradation
25. How are newly synthesized proteins delivered to their correct destinations?--Protein targeting
26. Cell signaling
27. The immune system
30. Molecular biology of cancer
33. The cytoskeleton, molecular motors and intracellular transport

Ideal for first-year life-science students both in the major or taking the course as an ancillary, the book includes a student's solutions manual, an instructor's solutions manual, and an accompanying website where all text illustrations are available for free downloading: