Molecular Genetics of Photosynthesis by Andersson, Bertil

Molecular Genetics of Photosynthesis by Andersson, Bertil

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ISBN: 9780199634477

Oxford University Press | 01 January 1996

Paperback | 252 pages

Frontiers in Molecular Biology is a series of books designed to report on rapidly evolving, key areas of research in molecular biology. Individual chapters are written by leading researchers who are specialists in their fields. Each book is carefully organized to provide an integrated analysis of current progress in the area covered. Photosynthesis is currently one of the most active areas of plant science research. Detailed analysis and manipulation of the genes encoding photosynthetic components have led to major advances in the field. This book, written by leading researchers, presents our current understanding based on this recent work. Topics covered include the evolution of photosynthesis in eukaryotes and prokaryotes; relative rates of evolution in the nuclear, chloroplast, and mitochondrial genomes; structure and replication of chloroplast DNA; light signal receptors, signal transduction, and light-regulation of nuclear-encoded thylakoid proteins; plastid inheritance and diversity; transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of plastid genes; the role of nuclear genes in chloroplast biogenesis; synthesis, transport, translocation, and assembly of photosynthetic proteins; manipulation of photosynthetic carbon assimilation and other pathways in transgenic plants; chloroplast transformation and structural and functional manipulation of chloroplast-encoded genes; transcription and translation in chloroplasts; cyanobacterial transformation, mutagenesis and gene regulation; and molecular genetics of purple bacteria. Molecular Genetics of Photosynthesis is unique in bringing together the major researchers in this field to present recent advances and to review progress and prospectives. With over 1100 cited references, it is also an invaluable guide to the primary literature and essential reading for all molecular biologists and plant scientists in this area.