Biotechnology from A to Z by Bains, William

Biotechnology from A to Z by Bains, William

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ISBN: 9780199636938

Oxford University Press | 23 April 1998

Paperback | 422 pages

Biotechnology, one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of science, is a complex combination of scientific disciplines beset by jargon and buzz words. Now fully updated to incorporate the most current terminology, this second edition of Biotechnology From A to Z offers an
illuminating and practical introduction to the ideas of biotechnology. Starting from ADEPT (antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy) and finishing with zoonosis (infection by an organism that usually infects other species), and describing artificial tissues, extremophiles, nutraceuticals,
prosthetics, and xenografts among many other topics along the way, this book provides a concise and readable overview of the field. Straightforward language and concrete examples are used to unravel the jargon for the non-specialist. This book is an essential, accessible guide to the science, the
technology, and the real achievements of this fascinating and controversial industry.

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