Mathematical Foundations for Design by Stark, Robert M

Mathematical Foundations for Design by Stark, Robert M

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ISBN: 9780486438986

Dover Publications Inc. | 25 February 2005

Paperback | 592 pages 

Typical mathematical techniques of operations research and systems engineering are developed in this text, which applies these methods to the design and operation of civil engineering systems. Its problem-solving examples ? many adapted from the research literature ? span a cross-section of applications in transportation design, traffic control, water resource design and operation, structural design, and construction management.

An introductory chapter on methodology is followed by six chapters on optimization and design. Chapters 2 through 4 address linear optimization; chapter 5 develops topics in nonlinear optimization; chapter 6 comprises examples of dynamic programming; and chapter 7 deals with sequencing, scheduling, and routing. The final chapters, 8 through 12, provide a review of basic probability and discuss applied probability. Topics include optimization of expected values of random performance (chapter 10); random models with applications to design and operation, including reliability and queuing systems (chapter 11); and operational techniques yielding solutions to more complex models of random phenomena (chapter 12). Five appendixes provide economic and probability tables, in addition to useful information about curve fitting, mathematical induction, and difference equations.

Suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses in civil engineering systems, probabilistic engineering analysis, and design optimization, this volume is an excellent reference for professionals.