Land Degradation : Problems and Policies by Chisholm, Anthony

Land Degradation : Problems and Policies by Chisholm, Anthony

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ISBN: 9780521123235

Cambridge University Press | 11 December 2009

Paperback | 428 pages 

This book was first published in 1987 when land degradation was one of the major conservation issues of that decade. Australian scientists were at the fore in awakening world interest in this complex phenomenon and in contributing to debate. This book presents a broad multi-disciplinary perspective on the challenge of problems of degrading land, including the onsite and offsite effects of soil erosion, nutrient loss, and salinisation and on the conservation policies needed to meet the challenge. The volume brings together leading contributors to the field of soil conservation from the natural sciences, from economics and the social sciences, and representatives of farming and conservation organisations. The contributions by natural scientists provide the biological and physical setting to the problem. Chapters on economic, legal and social aspects provide empirical information, together with a conceptual and analytical framework to inform policy makers and to guide them in their choice of policies.