Developing a Talent for Science by Jansen, Ritsert C.

Developing a Talent for Science by Jansen, Ritsert C.

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Cambridge University Press ,01 January 2011

Paperback ,180 PAGES

Want to make the most of your talent for science? This practical guide for students, postdoctorates and professors offers a unique stepwise approach to help you develop your expertise and become a more productive scientist. Covering topics from giving presentations and writing effectively to prioritizing your workload, it provides guidance to enhance your skills and combine them with those of others to your mutual benefit. Learn how to maintain your passion for science, inspire others to develop their abilities and motivate yourself to plan effectively, focus on your goals and even optimize funding opportunities. With numerous valuable tips, real-life stories, novel questionnaires and exercises for self-reflection, this must-read guide provides everything you need to take responsibility for your own personal and professional development.