Understanding Modern Transistors and Diodes by Pulfrey, David L.

Understanding Modern Transistors and Diodes by Pulfrey, David L.

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ISBN: 9780521514606


Hardback | 354 pages

Written in a concise, easy-to-read style, this text for senior undergraduate and graduate courses covers all key topics thoroughly. It is also a useful self-study guide for practising engineers who need a complete, up-to-date review of the subject. Key features: * Rigorous theoretical treatment combined with practical detail * A theoretical framework built up systematically from the Schroedinger Wave Equation and the Boltzmann Transport Equation * Covers MOSFETS, HBTs and HJFETS * Uses the PSP model for MOSFETS * Rigorous treatment of device capacitance * Describes the operation of modern, high-performance transistors and diodes * Evaluates the suitability of various transistor types and diodes for specific modern applications * Covers solar cells and LEDs and their potential impact on energy generation and reduction * Includes a chapter on nanotransistors to prepare students and professionals for the future * Provides results of detailed numerical simulations to compare with analytical solutions * End-of-chapter exercises * Online lecture slides for undergraduate and graduate courses