Principles of Linear Systems by Sarachik, Philip E.

Principles of Linear Systems by Sarachik, Philip E.

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ISBN: 9780521570572


Hardback | 294 pages 

State-space methods form the basis of modern control theory. This graduate text is devoted to a description of these methods in the analysis of linear multi-input, multi-output dynamic systems. Following a chapter which sets out the basic concepts and definitions, state equations of finite dimensional systems, and their solution, are discussed in detail. The principles of time-domain and frequency-domain analysis are then presented, as are the properties and applications of the Z-transformation. Separate chapters deal with the controllability, observability, and stability of linear systems. A useful tutorial review of the key results from matrix theory and linear algebra is given in the appendix. The book includes several worked examples, and there are problems at the end of each chapter. It will be of great use to advanced undergraduate and graduate students of electrical or mechanical engineering taking courses in linear systems or control systems.