Freedom to Innovate by Juma, Calestous

Freedom to Innovate by Juma, Calestous

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ISBN: 9780620395885

African Union | 01 January 2007

Paperback | 144 pages

This report is about the role that biotechnology can play in shaping tomorrow's Africa. It was undertaken at the request of heads of state and government. It is the result of a decision by Africa's leaders to chart a future for biotechnology and biosafety, based on vision and consensus. The report demonstrates what is a needed to build the required capacity so that biotechnology can play an enhanced role in agricultural productivity, public health, industrial development, economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability in Africa. This capacity includes a step-change in the quality of education and research opportunities for Africa's young people and redoubled efforts at regional economic integration. It also means putting in place a supportive regulatory regime that is second to none. The report was compiled by a panel of experts (the High Level African Panel) from both inside and outside Africa. Panel members drew their from pubic meetings with stakeholders throughout Africa, from written submissions, as well as analysis from historical, and from current research and development. The exercise represents the most comprehensive and transparent assessment of its kind.