Essential Endocrinology by Brook, Charles G. D.

Essential Endocrinology by Brook, Charles G. D.

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ISBN: 9780632056156

Wiley | 01 January 2001

Paperback | 179 pages

Essential Endocrinology clearly explains the molecular and physiological aspects of endocrinology and shows how knowledge of the fundamentals informs the understanding of endocrine diseases and their management. The distinguished author team has ensured that all topics are presented in a straightforward, accessible manner for ease of understanding. Each of the major endocrine systems is covered, with careful attention to the integration of basic medical science with clinical endocrine practice. Case studies are incorporated to give further value as a learning resource.

A completely revised Chapter 2, reflecting both established and newer molecular mechanisms of hormone action.

Opening chapters clearly describing the synthesis and secretion of hormones and the key topic of endocrine homeostasis.

One entirely new appendix which gives a simple formula for working out steroid structures, thereby alleviating the need to learn by rote this difficult section of endocrinology.

Two revised appendices covering techniques for measurement of hormones and classical experiments to characterise the interaction of hormones with their receptors.

Clear, explanatory line diagrams throughout depicting the underlying concepts of the text.