The DNA Detectives by Wall, W.J.

The DNA Detectives by Wall, W.J.

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ISBN: 9780709075042

Robert Hale | 01 August 2005

Hardcover | 191 pages

Written by an expert in the field, The DNA Detectives describes the intricate processes used in DNA testing to solve crimes and puzzles across the globe, as well as the fascinating history of the discovery that DNA was the fundamental building block of all life on this planet. Starting with a short history of personal identification, including fingerprints, the author goes on to describe the various methods of creating a DNA profile. He also looks at some of the most intriguing identification puzzles from the past, such as the story of the Romanovs and that of Thomas Jefferson, who was accused of fathering children with his slave, Sally Hemmings. The ethical questions and long-term implications surrounding the use of DNA are also examined.