Principles of Metamorphic Petrology by Vernon, R. H.

Principles of Metamorphic Petrology by Vernon, R. H.

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ISBN: 9780521871785

Cambridge University Press | 21 February 2013

Hardback | 478 pages 

Principles of Metamorphic Petrology provides an introduction to ideas, techniques and approaches in the study of metamorphic rocks. The book begins with basic concepts, but advances further than most other metamorphic petrology texts. Examples of this include the latest chemographic approaches, the correct use of pseudosections and the application of x-ray compositional mapping to metamorphic problems. It also covers advances in thermobarometry and the application of modern geochronological techniques to the absolute timing of tectonometamorphic events. Determination of parent rocks is covered in detail and there is a modern exposition of partial melting reactions, melt extraction and deformation of migmatites. The book includes a large number of references to lead students into independent investigation. A valuable text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in metamorphic petrology, that serves as a reference for researchers and exploration geologists.