Victimology in Africa by Peacock, Robert

Victimology in Africa by Peacock, Robert

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ISBN: "9780627037139

Van Schaik |  01 January 2019

Paperback | 350 pages

Victimology in Africa critically analyses hidden victimisation in society, dehumanising notions of victimhood, victimisation patterns, secondary victimisation by the Western criminal justice system together with the exploitation of international financial institutions and the misappropriation of traditional knowledge on the African continent.

Its African approach to victimology - one that celebrates intense humanness and universal interconnectedness - can be considered an emerging area of specialisation in the field. Such an alternative framework refers to the historical, cultural, political and socioeconomic dimensions of victimisation on the colonial-postcolonial continuum and considers macro and micro links between interpersonal victimisation and victimisation in broader society.