Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance With Web Study Guide-4th Edition by Jr., James Morrow

Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance With Web Study Guide-4th Edition by Jr., James Morrow

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ISBN: 9780736090391

Human Kinetics | 15 November 2010

Hardcover | 472 pages

Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Fourth Edition, paves the way for students and professionals to identify and solve human performance problems in the areas of kinesiology, physical education, health, and fitness. Focusing on the concepts of reliability, objectivity, and validity, the text introduces students to tests and measurements and guides them through statistical decision making and accurate interpretation of data. Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Fourth Edition, is designed with student learning in mind with its practical approach, easy-to-read style, and minimal mathematics. Like previous editions, the text combines introductory algebraic concepts with explanations of reliability and validity to assist students in developing the knowledge and tools to gather and analyze data for decision making. The fourth edition also features many upgrades: • An updated online study guide that incorporates more student activities, computer tasks, and quiz questions to help students comprehend the concepts • A realignment of chapters into four cohesive sections leading from background knowledge and basic statistical concepts to supportive theories and practical application • Greater use of Microsoft Excel to assist with statistical calculations, including an appendix of directions, screen captures, and templates for complex calculations • Inclusion of large sample data sets with each chapter's online study guide content that help students review concepts and emphasize the value of computer skills in the field of measurement and evaluation • More information on physical activity assessment incorporated into all chapters • A new contributor who lends expertise to teachers and coaches in a chapter addressing performance-based assessment In addition to incorporating use of MS Excel, this edition continues to use Predictive Analysis Software (PASW), previously known as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). These computer applications provide students with the skills to quickly complete time-consuming and difficult calculations for large amounts of data. A unique strength of the text is the presentation of practical settings where students will use their measurement and evaluation skills. After learning how to analyze and interpret data using concepts of reliability and validity from norm-referenced and criterion-referenced perspectives, students will see how to apply their skills to develop written tests and surveys, assess physical fitness and activity in adults and youth, assess sport skills and motor abilities, and make psychological measurements by using scales in assessing attitudes, beliefs, and concepts. Finally, students will find special learning elements throughout the text such as chapter objectives, measurement and evaluation challenges, and highlight boxes, while instructors will appreciate an updated ancillary package featuring an instructor guide, test package, and presentation package with a new image bank. Includes online study guide! The online study guide is specifically designed to work directly with the text. Lecture outlines map each chapter's content, giving students a template to follow during class lectures. Then after the lecture, the study guide features homework problems and quizzes that allow students to test how well they have mastered each chapter's content. The study guide also includes learning activities to provide students with hands-on application. They will be able to do these tasks: • Use large data sets to practice data analysis techniques, including use of statistical analysis software • Complete tasks that emphasize chapter content • Test their understanding by reviewing select answers provided to the homework problems, student activities, and mastery items (some of which are presented in the text) Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Fourth Edition, continues to provide a solid presentation of basic measurement concepts along with the opportunity to apply the concepts through the interactive study guide. With its emphasis on understanding and practicing the use of sound measurement techniques, this fourth edition prepares students and professionals to identify problems and make solid decisions in the realm of human performance.