RF and Microwave Radiation Safety by Kitchen, Ronald

RF and Microwave Radiation Safety by Kitchen, Ronald

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ISBN: 9780750643559


Hardback | 448 pages 

The leading professional guide to RF and microwave safety issues. A practical handbook for all involved in electronic design and safety assessment, RF and Microwave Radiation Safety covers the problems of RF safety management, including the use of measuring instruments and methods, radiation hazards and risks resulting from electromagnetic interference, as well as reviewing current safety standards and the implications for RF design.

The second edition takes into account a wide range of technical and legislative changes, and has been revised in line with the latest EU and international standards. Issues raised by increasing levels of microwave pollution from mobile phones and other sources are also confronted.

New material covers:

International Radiological Protection Commission (IRPC): new recommendations published in 1998

European Broadcasting Union (EBU)'s new guide

EU Physical Agents Directive and Machines Directive (both of which cover radio transmitters)

UK National Radiological Protection Board (UKNRPB) new guidance on safety levels