Ship Construction by Eyres, D. J.

Ship Construction by Eyres, D. J.

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ISBN: 9780750648875


Paperback | 368 pages 

"Ship Construction" is a comprehensive text for students following BTEC courses in nautical science, naval architecture and shipbuilding, and courses leading to BSc (Nautical Science) or Extra Masters Certificate. The author presents seven sections that begin with an introduction to ship building and conclude with the finished product. There is a concise description of all the relevant international regulations. The seven sections cover the development of ship types, materials and strengths of ships, welding and cutting, shipyard practice, ship structure and outfitting. Each section is broken down into several chapters that explore the topics in depth. The fifth edition expands further on the development of ship types over the last few years - discussion focussing on the latest views on bulk carrier safety. Welding and shipyard practices have been reviewed and revised in line with current practice. In addition, the book covers all the latest IMO and SOLAS information. It follows, chapter by chapter, the construction of a ship from start to finish. It is essential for both nautical students and professional students of naval architecture.