A Primer of Conservation Genetics by Frankham, Richard

A Primer of Conservation Genetics by Frankham, Richard

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ISBN: 9780521538275

Cambridge University Press | 23 February 2004

Paperback | 236 pages

Intended for those with a limited background in genetic studies, this concise, entry-level text in conservation genetics is presented in a user-friendly format, with main points clearly highlighted. Solved problems are provided throughout to help illustrate key equations, although a basic knowledge of Mendelian genetics and simple statistics is assumed. A glossary and suggestions for further reading provide additional support for the reader. Numerous pen-and-ink portraits of endangered species bring the material to life. Also available: Introduction to Conservation Genetics "...balance[s] student need for clarity and brevity with the requirements of conservation professionals for detailed applications." Choice 0-521-63014-2 Hardback $130.00 C 0-521-63985-9 Paperback $50.00 D

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