Geometric Methods in Signal and Image Analysis by Krim, Hamid

Geometric Methods in Signal and Image Analysis by Krim, Hamid

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ISBN: 9781107033900

Cambridge University Press, 01 January 2015

Hardback, 284 pages

This comprehensive guide offers a new approach for developing and implementing robust computational methodologies that uncover the key geometric and topological information from signals and images. With the help of detailed real-world examples and applications, readers will learn how to solve complex signal and image processing problems in fields ranging from remote sensing to medical imaging, bioinformatics, robotics, security, and defence. With an emphasis on intuitive and application-driven arguments, this text covers not only a range of methods in use today, but also introduces promising new developments for the future, bringing the reader up-to-date with the state of the art in signal and image analysis. Covering basic principles as well as advanced concepts and applications, and with examples and homework exercises, this is an invaluable resource for graduate students, researchers, and industry practitioners in a range of fields including signal and image processing, biomedical engineering, and computer graphics.