Textbook of Human Reproductive Genetics by Sermon, Karen

Textbook of Human Reproductive Genetics by Sermon, Karen

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ISBN: 9781107683587

Cambridge University Press | 01 January 2014

Paperback | 200 pages

What happens with our genome and epigenome in the first fundamental days of our development? How can this be analysed? What do we need to know when faced with patients' questions about their own infertility, or how to prevent the birth of affected children? For the first time, this book brings together both scientists' and clinicians' viewpoints on human reproductive genetics, making for a more comprehensive discussion of interest to ART professionals and developmental biologists. With worldwide leaders in this burgeoning field guiding the reader through from the basics to the most exciting recent discoveries, this book presents the wider picture of how reproductive medicine and biology links with genetics. The editors also address the new challenges raised in how to treat and counsel patients at fertility and genetic clinics, as well as eliciting vivid bioethical debates. This book brings together genetics, reproductive biology and medicine for practitioners and geneticists.