Reporting Research : A Biologist's Guide to Articles, Talks, and Posters

Reporting Research : A Biologist's Guide to Articles, Talks, and Posters

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ISBN: 9781107640467

Cambridge University Press 08 December, 2014

Paperback 347 pages

Want to learn how to present your research successfully? This practical guide for students and postdoctoral scholars offers a unique step-by-step approach to help you avoid the worst, yet most common, mistakes in biology communication. Covering irritants such as sins of ambiguity, circumlocution, inconsistency, vagueness and verbosity, misuse of words and quantitative matters, it also provides guidance to design your next piece of work effectively. Learn how to write scientific articles and get them published, prepare posters and talks that will capture your audience and develop a critical attitude towards your own work as well as that of your colleagues. With numerous practical examples, comparisons among disciplines, valuable tips and real-life anecdotes, this must-read guide will be a valuable resource to both new graduate students and their supervisors.

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Book Description
A practical guide to mastering the art of presenting biology research for establishing or consolidating a successful career in science.

About the Author
R. S. Clymo is Professor Emeritus at, and Honorary Fellow of, Queen Mary, University of London. His distinguished career spans four decades and includes experience as researcher, teacher, reviewer and editor of scientific journals. He has authored or co-authored numerous papers and journal articles, as well as a manual of water analysis. He is an Honorary Member of the British Ecological Society, Honorary Doctor of the University of Lund, and Bronze Medallist of the University of Helsinki.