Computer Programming with C++ by Pimparkhede, Kunal

Computer Programming with C++ by Pimparkhede, Kunal

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ISBN: 9781316506806

Cambridge University Press, 16 January 2017

Paperback, 1014 pages

This textbook provides in-depth coverage of the fundamentals of the C and C++ programming languages and the object-oriented programming paradigm. It follows an example-driven approach to facilitate understanding of theoretical concepts. Essential concepts, including functions, arrays, pointers and inheritance, are explained, while complex topics, such as dynamic memory allocation, object slicing, vtables, and upcasting and downcasting, are examined in detail. Concepts are explained with the help of line diagrams, student-teacher conversations and flow charts, while other useful features, such as quiz questions and points to remember, are included. Solved examples, review questions and useful case studies are interspersed throughout the text, and explanations of the logic used to implement particular functionality is also provided. This book will be useful for undergraduate students of computer science and engineering, and information technology.

Editorial Reviews

'This book is a very well presented, detailed tutorial for using the C and C++ programming languages. Diagrams and flowcharts are used throughout to illustrate important concepts that must be visualized to be understood. This allows readers to gain a firm grasp of language features that escape many students because of the abstract nature of the principles behind them. This book is an easy read. The style of writing and the conceptual flow of the explanations is superb. This is a good resource for use at any level.' F. H. Wild III, CHOICE

Book Description
This book provides in-depth coverage of the fundamental concepts of the C and C++ programming languages and the object-oriented programming paradigm.

Book Description
This textbook offers clear, extensive coverage of all essential elements of the C++ programming language. Theoretical concepts are described from scratch and are well-supported by pedagogical features, such as solved examples, debugging exercises, points to remember, student-teacher conversations and flow charts.

About the Author
Kunal Pimparkhede is an adjunct faculty member at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai. As a software professional, he has worked on technologies including Adobe Flex, Informatics, and database systems such as Oracle and Sybase. He obtained his bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the University of Mumbai. His areas of interest include microprocessors, automata theory, data structures, analysis of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and computer programming.