RPG Programming with XNA Game Studio 3.0 by Perry, Jim

RPG Programming with XNA Game Studio 3.0 by Perry, Jim

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ISBN: 9781598220650

Wordware Publishing Inc. | 19 October 2009

Paperback | 316 pages 

RPG Programming Using XNA Game Studio 3.0 Provides Detailed Information On Role-Playing Games (Rpgs) And How To Create Them Using Microsoft?S XNA Game Studio 3.0. The Book Examines The History Of The Genre And Takes A Piece-By-Piece Approach To Producing A 2D Tile-Based Game, Demonstrating How To Create The Various Components That Make Up An RPG And Implement Them Using C# And XNA Game Studio 3.0. By The End Of The Book, Readers Will Have Built A Complete Toolset That Can Be Used To Create Data For Their Own Rpgs. Learn How To: * Creating The Characters And Monsters That Populate RPG Worlds * Add Stats And Skills To Allow Game Entities To Perform Actions * Populate The Game World With Items And Treasures. Construct A Conversation Editor To Add Another Degree Of Interaction * Create A Multiple-Step Quest System To Give Players Goals To Research During Gameplay * Creating A Tile Engine For Displaying The World Populating The Game World With Items And Treasure * Implementing A Sound And Music System * Adding Multiplayer Support