Chaotic Signal Processing by Leung, Henry

Chaotic Signal Processing by Leung, Henry

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ISBN: 9781611973259

Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics,U.S. | 06 March 2014

Paperback | 185 pages 

Chaotic processes are deterministic phenomena which display a random appearance. Many signal processes such as radar and sonar appear random, and chaos theory provides an alternative approach to processing these signals. This book presents a thorough guide to recent developments in chaotic signal processing. This includes the application of nonlinear dynamics to radar target recognition, an exactly solvable chaos approach for communications, a chaotic approach for reconfigurable computing, and system identification using chaos. It also investigates the design of a high resolution LADAR system based on chaos, and the use of chaos in compressive sensing. Suitable for researchers and graduate students in chaos, applied nonlinear dynamics, signal processing and radar communications.