ZULU NAMES by Koopman, Adrian

ZULU NAMES by Koopman, Adrian

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ISBN: "9781869140038

University of Natal Press | 01 January 2002

Paperback | 324 pages

Local history and folklore often inform the naming of people and places. Does eThekwini mean "place of the lagoon" or "place of the single testicle"? How are the names of dogs used to accuse a neighbor of witchcraft? What is the origin of Jamludi? Is the Zulu isibongo the same as a surname? Zulu Names explores the meanings of and metaphors behind more than a thousand Zulu names grouped into different categories: from personal names and nicknames to clan names and praises; from place, homestead and regimental names to school and shop names; and from domestic animal and bird names to the names of the Zulu lunar months. For the more serious scholar, Zulu Names also contains ground-breaking research and onomastic material. This is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in Zulu language or culture, or in naming practices generally.