A Copious and Critical English-Latin Dictionary by William Smith, T.D. Hall

A Copious and Critical English-Latin Dictionary by William Smith, T.D. Hall

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ISBN: 9781485109365

Anthem Press, 01 July 2001

Hardback | 1024 pages

First announced in 1855, the sheer size of the undertaking meant that William Smith's and Theophilus D Hall's and project was not completed until 15 years later.
This superior edition from WPC Classics has retained much of the charm of the original version, published in 1870. Stretching over 1000 pages, this enormous work took over fifteen years to complete, making it unique in its meticulousness and breadth.

The outstanding quality of this dictionary is summed up in the authors' own preface:

"It has been the object of the authors of this Work to produce a more complete and more perfect English-Latin Dictionary than has hitherto existed; and the long delay in its publication has been owing to the time and labor necessary to execute this intention."

It is without doubt a labor of love. The authors, two highly respected classicists in their day, crafted this work with exceptional care, producing a dictionary unrivaled in its attention to detail. Each entry is accompanied by a Latin phrase with an English translation and the name of the Latin author who is the source of the phrase. Wherever several Latin words are provided for the English, clear distinctions are made between the Latin synonyms.

Faithful to the authors' guiding philosophy, this new edition is bound in high quality, gold-embossed, cloth binding, to create something that is more than just a dictionary.