An Eye for a Tooth by Hamilton, Murray

An Eye for a Tooth by Hamilton, Murray

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ISBN: 9781928276166

Porcupine Press | 01 May 2015 

Paperback | 218

This copy of the book has been signed by the Author. 

Jack Grant is a young South African journalist with a freshly tarnished reputation. While he is licking his wounds, he is contacted by a stranger. Siyabonga Mabena is dying in a Johannesburg hospital. He promises Jack a series of stories that will change his life. A mix of curiosity, selfishness and a nothing-left-to-lose attitude encourages Jack to listen. The dying man describes a series of gruesome and horrific crimes. Is Mabena simply a twisted old cynic looking for a final flurry of attention, or is there something darkly significant in the way the stories hang together?