Collective Amnesia by Putuma, K

Collective Amnesia by Putuma, K

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ISBN 9780620735087

Publisher: Uhlanga Press 2017

111 pages

Soft cover

This highly-anticipated debut collection from one of the country’s most acclaimed young voices marks a massive shift in South African poetry.

Koleka Putuma’s exploration of blackness, womxnhood and history in Collective Amnesia is fearless and unwavering. Her incendiary poems demand justice, insist on visibility and offer healing. In them, Putuma explodes the idea of authority in various spaces – academia, religion, politics, relationships – to ask what has been learnt and what must be unlearnt.

Through grief and memory, pain and joy, sex and self-care, Collective Amnesia is a powerful appraisal, reminder and revelation of all that has been forgotten and ignored, both in South African society, and within ourselves.