Dante in English by Eric Griffiths & Mathew Reynolds

Dante in English by Eric Griffiths & Mathew Reynolds

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ISBN: 9780140423884

Penguin Books Ltd, 01 July 2005

Soft Cover, 624 pages

Dante Alighieri created poetry of unparalleled force and beauty that proved influential far beyond the borders of his native Italy and beyond his own time. This new collection brings together selections from a wide variety of English translations of Dante's poetry including the passionate Vita Nuova and the Commedia - his epic tale of one man's journey into the after-life. It also includes extracts from a wealth of poems inspired by his work - including Spenser's Faerie Queen, Milton's Paradise Lost, Ezra Pound's Cantos and T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land. Covering the period from Chaucer to the present day, this is a remarkable exploration of the heritage provided by one of the most inspirational poets of all time.