Ethics in healthcare by Dirk Van Der Wal

Ethics in healthcare by Dirk Van Der Wal

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ISBN: 9781485124719

Forth Edition

Juta & Company Ltd, 30 June 2018

Now in its fourth edition, Ethics in Healthcare 4e approaches the topic of ethics from the perspective of the nurse and offers a viewpoint on the many ethical questions he or she has to deal with every day. This established and accessible text takes a fresh look at the question of cultural diversity and explains why the profession of nursing has to adhere to a common value system.
Main Updates in the new edition:
The chapter on legal liability has been rewritten to form a central reference point of the text. The chapter on the teaching of ethics and the ethics of teaching, in addition to exploring the question of the moral development of the student, has been revised to illuminate the manner and matter of nursing and healthcare education.