Fundamentals of Engineering Numerical Analysis by Parviz Moin

Fundamentals of Engineering Numerical Analysis by Parviz Moin

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ISBN: 9780521805261


Soft cover, 224 pages

Engineers need hands-on experience in solving complex engineering problems with computers. This text introduces numerical methods and shows how to develop, analyze, and use them. A thorough and practical book, it is intended as a first course in numerical analysis, primarily for new graduate students in engineering and physical science. Along with mastering the fundamentals of numerical methods, students will learn to write their own computer programs using standard numerical methods. They will learn what factors affect accuracy, stability, and convergence, and also not to believe at first glance the numerical output spewed out from a computer. A special feature is the numerous examples and exercises that are included to give students first-hand experience. The material is based on Professor Moin's teachings in numerical analysis and in his own career as a computational physicist/engineer. A thorough solutions manual is availble upon request from the publisher.