Hockley's Insolvency Law by Alastair  Smith, 10th Edition

Hockley's Insolvency Law by Alastair Smith, 10th Edition

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ISBN: 9781485140276

Juta, 2022.

Soft Cover, 640 Pages

The 9th edition of Hockly’s Insolvency Law follows the expanded format of the previous two editions. The basic purpose of the book remains the same: to provide a concise, yet fairly detailed, account of the law of insolvency, winding-up and judicial management. The book aims at a wide readership. For the subject specialist, it provides an update of developments in the law relating to insolvency and winding-up; for students, it is a text for both undergraduate and postgraduate study; and for insolvency practitioners, it may be used as a guide and a quick source of reference.

The appendices contain specimen applications, specimen estate accounts, the Insolvency Act, relevant extracts from the Companies Act and the Close Corporations Act, and the Cross-Border Insolvency Act.