How to Succeed in Your Master's and Doctoral Studies : A South African Guide and Resource Book by Johann Mouton

How to Succeed in Your Master's and Doctoral Studies : A South African Guide and Resource Book by Johann Mouton

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ISBN: 9780627034923

Van Schaik Publishers, 22 Mar 2022

Soft cover, 252 pages

The past two decades have seen a huge growth in interest in doctoral studies, not only in South Africa but elsewhere as well. Changes in the funding framework for universities in South Africa, in particular, has meant that from 2005 onwards, more funding has been available. However, postgraduate studies are challenging. The "digital revolution", as one example, has had a radical impact on the way research is done in the 21st century.

Because of the more widespread availability of information (including personal information), students have had to become more accountable when they conduct research. How to succeed in your master's and doctoral studies is organised around eight steps that should be followed for the successful and ethical completion of postgraduate studies, whether they be traditional master's theses, mini-theses or doctoral dissertations.

How to succeed in your Master's and Doctoral Studies is the first comprehensive and specifically South African text and resource book for postgraduate students and supervisors alike. It covers a wide range of topics related to the management of postgraduate research studies, including:

The development of a successful research proposal (with examples)
Research resource management
How to write a proper literature review
Conducting your fieldwork
The logic and structure of the thesis
A comprehensive map of research designs
Referencing techniques
Research ethics
It also has separate chapters on the nature of supervision and the relationship between supervisor and student. A special feature of the book is its extensive references to other sources, including the latest Internet sites and electronic documents. This book is a must for every student who embarks on a master's or doctorate, irrespective of the field.

Johann Mouton is currently Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and Professor in Sociology at the University of Stellenbosch. He has authored several books on research methodology, including Basic concepts in the methodology of the social sciences (with H.C. Marais) and Understanding social research.