Law of international trade 2nd edition by J.C.T. Chuah

Law of international trade 2nd edition by J.C.T. Chuah

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ISBN: 9780421746503

Second hand, Good condition

Sweet and maxwell, 2001

Soft Cover, 600 pages

Law of International Trade is now a well-established textbook on this complicated and fast moving area of law. This book offers the reader a comprehensive and solid explanation of law and practice with an analysis of the theoretical and doctrinal issues, thus, making it an ideal textbook for students on both academic and professional courses. It is also an invaluable resource for practitioners and those engaged in international commercial operations, such as shipping, trade finance, cargo insurance, cross border litigation, international sales, etc. Includes increased coverage of the Vienna Convention on International Sales, and the International Air, Road and Rail Carriage of Goods regimes. Discusses recent legal developments, including, the Rome I and Rome II Regulations, the final draft UNCITRAL Transport Convention, UK insurance law reform, URR725 and the UCP 600. Provides footnotes to guide further and more detailed research into key topics. Discusses latest case law including: Scottish & Newcastle International; Premium Nafta; Lesotho Highlands Development Authority; The Front Comor; Freeport plc; Datec Electronics; The Achilleas; MSC Amsterdam; Stemson; Dadourian; Shamil Bank; The Golden Victory, and many others