Les Miserables Volume Two by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables Volume Two by Victor Hugo

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ISBN: 9781853260506

Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 01 Aug 1997

Soft  cover, 512 pages

With an Introduction and Notes by Roger Clark, University of Kent at Canterbury. Translation by Charles E. Wilbour (1862).

One of the great Classics of Western Literature, Les Miserables is a magisterial work which is rich in both character portrayal and meticulous historical description.

Characters such as the absurdly criminalised Valjean, the street urchin Gavroche, the rascal Thenardier, the implacable detective Javert, and the pitiful figure of the prostitute Fantine and her daughter Cosette, have entered the pantheon of literary dramatis personae.

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