Medical Terminology for Students of the Health Professions by Kritzinger, J P K et al

Medical Terminology for Students of the Health Professions by Kritzinger, J P K et al

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ISBN 9780627035951

3rd edition

Publisher: Van Schaik 2018

359 pages

Soft cover

Medical terminology for students of the health professions offers a systematic approach to explaining terminology to entry-level students of the health sciences, including students of medicine, dentistry, nursing, dietetics, occupational therapy, radiography, human movement sciences, speech-language pathology and audiology, and veterinary sciences.

The focus of this book is on terms and study texts with clinical relevance that are commonly used in health and veterinary sciences practice, and the textbook includes exercises to further facilitate students' comprehension of medical  terminology. 

This book has six sections. The first contains an introductory chapter, followed by eight vocabulary chapters in section II, and six chapters on systems of the body in section III. A chapter is also included (in section IV) on veterinary science terminology for students of that profession. Section V deals with medical terms in context. Section VI contains lists of eponyms, term parts (with both their English and Afrikaans meanings), abbreviations (used in pharmaceutical prescriptions) as well as a comprehensive word list of medical terms. 

This book is designed in such a way that students who study this text over a period of 14 weeks will be well equipped to analyse and understand most medical terms. It will enable students to understand and use the highly technical terminology of the health and related sciences with confidence during their studies and professional careers.