Ramaphosa : Path to power by Ray Hartley

Ramaphosa : Path to power by Ray Hartley

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ISBN: 9781868429165

Jonathan Ball Publishers Sa, 01 May 2018

Soft cover, 248 pages

Ray Hartley reveals how Cyril Ramaphosa pulled off one of the greatest political comebacks of modern times, and what lies in store for the new president as he embarks on a hefty clean-up operation of a country in shambles.
Ray Hartley’s bestselling 2017 biography, Ramaphosa: The Man Who Would Be King, offered a cogent analysis of how the former nearly-man of South African politics handled the key challenges he faced in the unions, in business and in politics. In this updated edition, Hartley questions whether the former‘man in the middle’ can lead from the front, now that he has publicly denounced the besmirched Zuma and his corrupted ANC and established himself as a worthy recipient of the country’s top job.

So begins a new era in South African politics.