The Heart of Redness by Mda, Z

The Heart of Redness by Mda, Z

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ISBN 9780195714777

Publisher: Oxford University Press 2000

320 pages

Soft cover

A superb new novel by an award-winning author. The background is the Eastern Cape, where in the 1850s, a 16-year-old prophetess, Nongqawuse, instructed the Xhosa nation to kill all their cattle and destroy their crops. She foretold that on an appointed day, the dead would arise, the kraals would be full of cattle, the silos full of fresh grain, and the white colonists and others who did not believe in her would be swept into the sea. Mda weaves a captivating story about a family caught up in the events of the 1850s, and their descendants' continuing feud in the 1990s.