The Oasis of the Soul by Charney Akala

The Oasis of the Soul by Charney Akala

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ISBN: 9780620831376

Reach publishers, 2019

Soft cover, 60 pages

'Marooned. Stranded and Forlorn. To the tempest of the self, of delusion and scorn. Stripped down. Scorched. Deserted and mourned. But I survived to tell the tale.

Charney Akala presents a collection of poems and short stories that explore abstract ideals unfolding around the human psyche under varying themes that from a distance, appear separate, but upon closer inspection, are intertwined, intricately woven together to form an identity. The self, together with the truths and heart of this concept, are discussed in-depth with unwavering vigor and candor throughout this book, striking a unique balance between: furores and apathies; passions and clarities. The most enduring theme is the desert   where the book is set. A place of bareness , a place of nothingness, a wasteland where it seems nothing can grow. This is where Charney Akala begins his journey for the oasis of the soul, an enduring theme of a hope once had and thrice forgone.