The Pregnancy and Baby Book by DK

The Pregnancy and Baby Book by DK

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ISBN: 9781409381327

Dorling Kindersley Ltd | 01 February 2013

Paperback | 320 pages

A refreshing new look into the world of pregnancy and parenting

Celebrate the joy of having a baby and becoming a parent with The Pregnancy and Baby Book. Filled with facts and practical advice about pregnancy and birth through to childcare for the first three years, you'll also find helpful information on bringing up baby number 2.

No matter how much time your busy parent-to-be schedule allows, you'll be able to obtain all the essentials of pregnancy and childcare. Parental instincts and nesting, birthing, bathing and feeding are all covered in this pregnancy book. Addresses real concerns such as maternity wardrobe dilemmas, which risks are real and which aren't, and "How do I know if something is wrong with my baby?" You'll also find ideas on how to care for and entertain your baby once it arrives and how to adapt to life afterwards.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for new parents-to-be or are searching for a comprehensive book for your own needs, The Pregnancy and Baby Book is guaranteed to bring joy on arrival.