The Raven and Other Selected Poems by Poe E A

The Raven and Other Selected Poems by Poe E A

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ISBN 9780008180515

Publisher: Harper Collins 2016

156 pages

Soft cover

This selection of Edgar Allan Poe's poetical works includes some of his best-known pieces, including the triumphant, gleeful 'The Bells', the tragic ode 'Annabel Lee' and his famous gothic tour de force, 'The Raven'. Some present powerful, nightmarish images of the macabre and bizarre, while others have at their heart a profound sense of love, beauty and loss. All are linguistic masterpieces that demonstrate Poe's gift for marrying rhythm, form and meaning. An American writer of primarily prose and literary criticism, Edgar Allen Poe never ceased writing poetry throughout his turbulent life, and is today regarded as a central figure of American literary romanticism. He died in 1849.