The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools by Harlen, W with Qualter, A

The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools by Harlen, W with Qualter, A

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ISBN: 9781138225718

Taylor & Francis Ltd/CRC Press | 11 Apr 2018

Hardback | 400 pages

Now in a fully updated seventh edition, The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools provides essential information for students, trainee, and practising teachers about the why, what and how of teaching primary science. Paying particular attention to inquiry-based teaching and learning, the book recognises the challenges of teaching science, and provides suggestions and examples aimed to increase teachers' confidence and pupils' enjoyment of the subject.

This new edition explores:

Changes in curriculum and assessment requirements in the UK

Advances in knowledge of how children learn

Expansion in the use of ICT by teachers and children

And expands on key aspects of teaching including:

The compelling reasons for starting science in the primary school

Strategies for helping children to develop understanding, skills and enjoyment

Attention to school and teacher self-evaluation as a means of improving provision for children's learning.

Giving the latest information about the rationale for and use of inquiry-based, constructivist methodology, and the use of assessment to help learning, the book combines practice and theory, explaining and advocating for particular classroom interactions and activities. This book is essential reading for all primary school teachers and those engaged in studying primary education.
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